Eco2Solar are proud to support AquAid in their ongoing work with The Africa Trust

Apr, 2024
By using water coolers supplied by AquAid, a donation is made that directly supports their ongoing mission to install water pumps in remote rural sub-Saharan African communities, providing water to areas with limited access. Funds are used to build ‘Elephant Pumps’ – a modified version of an age-old Chinese rope pulley system. One such pump […]
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How Long Do Solar Panels Really Last?

Sep, 2023
When considering the practicalities of installing solar panels, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider and one of the most common questions is, how long will they hold up? In this blog we’re going to take a look at all of the things that can impact the longevity of your panels and […]
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How Effective Are Solar Panels on Cloudy Days?

May, 2023
Solar panels are a great investment for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their electricity bills. However, one common concern people have is whether solar panels are effective in cloudy weather. In this blog, we’ll explore the effectiveness of solar panels in cloudy weather and whether they’re a worthwhile […]
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Could a career at Eco2Solar be your next opportunity?

Feb, 2023
‘The number of jobs being created in the renewable energy industry is growing four times faster than the overall UK employment market’ – The Guardian The energy sector is experiencing huge growth, the global focus on moving away from our reliance on oil and gas and embracing sustainable energy is increasing demand for renewable technologies. […]
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8 reasons why solar energy is the way forward

Nov, 2022
The renewables industry is currently booming, and it’s for good reason. Prices of traditional energy sources such as coal, gas and oil are soaring, and the climate crisis is only getting worse. People are looking for alternative energy that is clean and more affordable. The sun provides more energy than we’ll ever need so utilising […]
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How solar panels can help during the cost-of-living crisis

Aug, 2022
Energy bills continue to soar, with the latest increase in October set to drive energy bills up by 80%, and an increase in January expects to make prices rise even further. The hike has mainly been driven by the increase of wholesale gas prices, caused by multiple factors such as Russia’s war with Ukraine, increased […]
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Eco2Solar announced as Housebuilder Awards 2022 finalists

Jul, 2022
We’re excited to announce that we’re finalists in this year’s Housebuilder Awards in the Subcontractor/Services Provider category.Taking place in November at the InterContinental Hotel in London, the Housebuilder Awards final is a major event in the housebuilding industry, and the awards attract hundreds of entries every year.Our CEO, Paul Hutchens said: “We’re delighted and proud […]
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Government ambitions to accelerate the deployment of solar energy

Jun, 2022
Following the recent highly publicised hike in energy prices and uncertainty in international markets, the government has set clear ambitions to scale up the use of solar energy across the country, with the aim of boosting Britain’s energy security. With the deployment of solar, Britain will become more energy secure while providing significant cost savings […]
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What companies can do to become more sustainable

May, 2022
A large portion of British businesses are making the shift to becoming a greener business, while placing sustainability at the forefront of their priorities. Companies are looking to recover from the effects of COVID-19 and grow their business, and sustainability is a driving force of this. It is more important than ever for businesses to […]
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Eco2Solar achieve Best Company to Work For status

Apr, 2022
Eco2Solar is proud to announce we have been awarded a 1 Star Best Companies accreditation status, recognising us as an organisation which values its people and signifies a ‘very good’ level of workplace engagement. Just like the way that the Michelin star system signifies excellence in the hospitality sector, Best Companies’ star-based ratings system is […]
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Eco2Solar partner with Viridian Solar on Fusion Forest tree planting initiative

Mar, 2022
Eco2Solar is proud to be part of Viridian Solar’s ‘Fusion Forest’ programme, an initiative aimed at reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere while restoring natural forest ecosystems. For every Clearline fusion solar PV panel we purchase from Viridian, the company plants one tree. A partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects sees native trees planted in […]
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Countryside agrees three-year preferred solar partner deal with Eco2Solar

Mar, 2022
We’re delighted to announce we’re now Countrysides’ preferred solar PV partner. Countryside, who have ambitious growth plans, have signed an agreement with us to install their solar PV requirements for developments in the next three years. Ryan Mee, Group Commercial Director at Eco2Solar, said: “We’re over the moon Countryside has chosen us as their solar […]
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Which renewable energy sources offer the most cost-effective Part L compliance solution?

Oct, 2021
The new Part L regulations – a stepping stone towards the Future Homes Standard due around 2025, which come into effect in June 2022 – will require the planning and implementation of a solution that meets compliance targets, contributes to lower operating costs and is cost-effective and sustainable for developers to roll out across future […]
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10 things you need to know about the new Part L Building Regs

Oct, 2021
(1). The Future Homes Standard will happen in two stages. The full set of standards will come into effect in 2025, while the Part L Uplift element – which will deliver a 31% improvement on current sustainability and energy efficiency standards over 2013’s building regulations – will take effect from 1st June 2022. (2). This […]
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What risks do housebuilders face if they don’t plan ahead for Part L?

Aug, 2021
Since the Part L Uplift to the new Building Regulations will change both the internal and external components of new build homes, the next 10-11 months will be a critical time for housebuilders. They’ll need to conduct extensive design work to determine whether solar is feasible and fit-able on the roof elevations of new plots, […]
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Why Solar PV is the fastest route to meeting new Part L Regulations

Jul, 2021
As the new Part L Building Regulations begin to gain momentum, the majority of medium and volume housebuilders have started to design and plan how they’ll meet the required Uplift to Energy Efficiency requirements in new homes from 1st June 2022. This uplift aims to deliver a 31% improvement on current Part L sustainability and […]
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Should housebuilders act now to prepare for Part L of the new building regulations?

May, 2021
The Part L Uplift to energy efficiency requirements in the new Building Regulations stipulates that from 1st June 2022, all new homes in England must be built in line with the new regulations. The only exception is if planning permission has been submitted and approved before that date; a caveat that will no doubt see […]
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What will part l of the new building regulations mean for future homes?

Apr, 2021
The forthcoming Future Homes Standard, set to be implemented in 2025, will see the housebuilding industry take a giant leap towards helping the UK government meet its 2050 net zero target. Through this initiative, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) aims to shrink carbon dioxide emissions in new build homes by up […]
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