10 things you need to know about the new Part L Building Regs

#1. The Future Homes Standard will happen in two stages. The full set of standards will come into effect in 2025, while the Part L Uplift element – which will deliver a 31% improvement on current sustainability and energy efficiency standards over 2013’s building regulations – will take effect from…

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It’s been a challenging year for all of us, but for those who have lost their jobs, are struggling to buy food or are facing homelessness, 2020 has been unimaginably hard. In the absence of our usual Christmas get together this year, Eco2Solar wanted to do something to support those…

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A new dawn for UK solar

Eco2Solar have officially installed the most solar PV installations from Solar Trade Association (STA) members this year, according to the Association’s 2020 Impact Report – a fantastic achievement in a year that hasn’t exactly gone to plan! The Solar Trade Association is the leading specialist group for solar and energy…

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Eco2Solar reaches record carbon offset figures

  When Paul Hutchens first formed Eco2Solar to install solar energy, he had a vision to help combat the effects of climate change by making solar standard on all homes. At the end of the first year of installing solar PV, Eco2Solar had installed solar PV systems on a total…

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What features do buyers expect from a New Build?

  In the last of our series on what today’s homebuyers want, we looked at the features people would expect to see as standard in any New Build property. Environmental features rated very highly in the responses, with 27% rating thermostats or smart plugs as most important, followed by double…

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The most desirable property features right now

  In this month’s series, we’ve explored how the pandemic is influencing what people want from a home. Today, we look at the property features homeowners value the most. In our poll of over 25,000 Brits, we found that space is the now the most in-demand feature, with 43% of…

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