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‘The number of jobs being created in the renewable energy industry is growing four times faster than the overall UK employment market’ – The Guardian

The energy sector is experiencing huge growth, the global focus on moving away from our reliance on oil and gas and embracing sustainable energy is increasing demand for renewable technologies. Coupled with rising energy bills and cost of living increases, the renewable energy sector is attractive and there really is no better time to get involved.

Career benefits of working in the Solar Industry:

  • Relatively young – the industry is growing at a rapid rate and the innovation of new technology shows no signs of slowing down, it’s a really exciting time to get involved in the renewable energy industry.
  • High demand – The Climate Change Act was amended by Parliament in 2019, which requires the UK to reach Net Zero by 2050 with interim targets also laid out in the not too distant future. Currently, the UK is a long way off meeting these targets so the pressure on the renewables industry is only going to grow. Once you start your journey in the industry, your growth potential and the demand for your skills will only increase.
  • Stability – In any economic downturn and upheaval that may be in our future, the focus on the need to live sustainably won’t be going anywhere and targets are unlikely to change. This is an industry that embraces the future; new technology, innovation and the growth predicted will offer job security for many years to come.
  • Growth Potential – Renewable energy is poised to become the foundation of the world’s power supply, led by wind and solar, as countries aim to meet ambitious energy targets being set by authorities.

This isn’t to say it’s an easy ride, there are challenges and hurdles to overcome, however we truly believe the rewards and opportunities within the Solar Industry, make the hard work worth it.

At Eco2Solar, we are also preparing for the growth in the industry as we accelerate towards those targets and we’re looking for passionate and determined people to join our team. Attitude and Values are our key requirements; whilst experience and qualifications have a place, our team is built around brilliant people who have a drive to make a difference for the future. When we asked our team what stood out to them when they joined Eco2Solar, some of the highlights were:

  • Progression – Nearly all of our senior employees started in entry level positions, they understand the business and how our departments work together and are able to take that knowledge with them as they progress throughout the company.
  • Development Plans – plans are in place for all employees and are actually followed through, your career goals and ambitions are encouraged and supported.
  • Flexible working/Work from home – we operate a hybrid working structure, whilst it’s important to stay in touch and have ‘in person’ days, we embrace the WFH culture and our team are trusted to work remotely as it suits them. We are also open to flexible hours to help around child care, appointments and your personal needs.
  • Collaborative – Whilst we all have different roles and responsibilities, we are a team and all ideas are welcome, no matter how big or small.

But don’t just take our word for it, below are some quotes from our team on their experiences at Eco2Solar and why they’d recommend joining us!

‘I’ve worked at Eco2Solar for 5 years and have recently been promoted to CAD Team Leader. Being part of the design team, no two days are ever the same, we work alongside lots of departments to ensure we support our customers needs and meet their targets. It’s incredibly rewarding when you see the PV designs you worked on, installed on to sites across the country. Being able to bring my dog, Skye, into the office when I’m not working from home is also a great benefit, seeing her socialise with the other dogs in the office is lovely’

Nicola Davidson, CAD Team Leader.

‘I joined Eco2Solar in June 2022 so I’m still relatively new to the industry having worked in the Packaging Industry previously. I had zero experience in renewables so there was a lot to learn however the team have been so supportive and welcoming (especially the dogs) and it’s been a great journey so far! Eco2Solar are really focused on developing their employees and so I’m already progressing into a new role, which I hadn’t expected so soon! It’s really exciting and with the growth happening in the company, I can’t wait to continue on the Solar Coaster!’

Emma Urquhart, Sales Support Executive

‘It’s coming up to 2.5 years since I joined Eco2Solar and in that time I have progressed from Scheduler, to Scheduling Team Leader and have recently moved into a role in Forecast Demand Planning, there are always opportunities available if you are ready for a challenge and your personal development is supported and encouraged. It’s a really friendly place to be, management are really supportive, they welcome new ideas and actually listen to your suggestions which is really refreshing.’

Adele Francis, Forecast Demand Planner

If it sounds like Eco2Solar would be a good fit for you, check out our careers page to find out what roles we have available, if you don’t see the perfect role for you, send us an email at, you never know opportunities we have coming up!

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