Government ambitions to accelerate the deployment of solar energy


Following the recent highly publicised hike in energy prices and uncertainty in international markets, the government has set clear ambitions to scale up the use of solar energy across the country, with the aim of boosting Britain’s energy security.

With the deployment of solar, Britain will become more energy secure while providing significant cost savings for consumers. Solar is the fastest renewable energy source to install in the UK, the most affordable and most popular with the UK public.

There will need to be substantial investment to fund the infrastructure to support the uptake of increase solar energy as the ambitions of the government are significant and the correct grid infrastructure will be required to support such a large project. The government aims to have a five-fold increase in solar capacity by 2035, which will lead to around 70GW of generated capacity. This will create a lot of jobs within the UK for this industry meaning there is a strong need to invest in skills and training within the solar industry to ensure that Britain is prepared to deliver this accelerated deployment.

“Eco2Solar are really excited at the scale of the opportunity to make a real dent in the UK’s energy security and reduce carbon emissions. My ambition has always been to make solar standard and I can finally see what was once a dream becoming reality.”
Paul Hutchens, CEO, Eco2Solar

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