Why solar PV?

The benefits of solar

Solar PV is one of the greenest, cheapest, and easiest ways of generating energy. Solar helps developers to comply with Building Regulations and pass SAP requirements while contributing toward making the homes of the future more sustainable.

As demand increases for energy-efficient housing, solar PV provides an ideal solution for housing developers who also need to meet renewable energy requirements and comply with local planning conditions.

Help to meet sustainability targets

Our solar PV installations help housing developers build zero carbon ready homes to meet renewable energy requirements in the Building Regulations, as well as local planning conditions. As the Future Homes Standard and Part L regulations are implemented too, it will become standard for new build homes to have solar PV installed.

Solar PV is also a cost-effective method of meeting sustainability targets, as it is cheaper than some alternatives.

Save the planet

The world is suffering a climate crisis and things must change before it’s too late. The more that housing developers can do to help toward generating renewable energy and achieving net zero, the better.

Solar panels do not produce carbon emissions – this means if more homes have solar PV installed, there will be a bigger positive impact on the environment. Solar PV also helps housing developers to improve CSR and to enhance your green credentials.

The homeowner

A home powered by solar PV is more attractive to buy to the end-user. People actively seek out sustainable homes where they can benefit from long-term energy savings while contributing toward helping the environment.

Solar panels also require minimal maintenance, rarely have issues and can even add value to a home.
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