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At Eco2Solar we install solar PV to new build and commercial properties across the UK. Our solar installations contribute toward making the world a more environmentally friendly place to live while helping housing developers to meet sustainability targets and save costs.

We are one of the only renewable energy companies in the UK who can install large scale commercial solar systems on a full design and build basis with in-house design and CAD capability.

By using our wealth of experience, expertise and the latest solar technology we aim to make solar energy good news for your pocket, and good news for the planet.
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Renewable energy


Solar PV is one of the greenest, cheapest and easiest ways of generating energy. It helps developers to comply with Building Regulations and pass SAP requirements while contributing toward making the homes of the future more sustainable.

As demand increases for energy-efficient housing, solar PV provides an ideal solution for housing developers who also need to meet renewable energy requirements and comply with local planning conditions.
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Heathy Wood

As part of a trial to deliver some of the most energy efficient homes in the world, St Modwen Homes tasked us with installing renewable energy technologies at their new housing development, Heathy Wood in Copthorne. The three-bedroom homes are designed to produce more energy than they consume and could reduce a family’s total energy bills by 52% when compared with a standard new build house and around 79% compared with the average UK home. The housing developer wanted us to install renewable energy solutions to help create low-carbon homes, while keeping the aesthetic of the homes smart.
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Locking Parklands

We were tasked by our partners, Clarkson Evans, to work on behalf of St Modwen Homes to install aesthetically pleasing solar PV to 36 houses and two apartments at Locking Parklands in Somerset. The housing developer wanted us to help them meet sustainability targets while maintaining the look of the modern, contemporary homes.
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Robroyston, Glasgow

We were asked to provide the Solar PV for 102 plots near Glasgow. Our installations allowed us to help meet national sustainability targets, alongside helping Barratt’s customers save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

The contemporary and modern design of these properties is important to maintain. To fit this need we utilised In-roof, all black panels, which create an aesthetically pleasing installation for both clients and end consumers.
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