8 reasons why solar energy is the way forward


The renewables industry is currently booming, and it’s for good reason. Prices of traditional energy sources such as coal, gas and oil are soaring, and the climate crisis is only getting worse. People are looking for alternative energy that is clean and more affordable.

The sun provides more energy than we’ll ever need so utilising this energy is a no brainer. Electricity from solar power is a very important energy source in the move to clean energy production, and more people are investing in it for their own homes. Changes in Building Regulations also mean housing developers are required to meet increased energy efficiency targets when constructing new build homes to make sure they are fit for a sustainable future.

We’ve put together eight reasons why solar energy is the way forward.

  1. It has less of a negative impact on the environment when compared to other energy sources
    Solar panels generate renewable energy and play a vital role in the fight against climate change. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, solar panels improve air quality and help to preserve our ecosystems.
  2. It is more financially beneficial than other power sources
    Although there is an upfront cost, solar panels offer a return on investment. With the cost of energy increasing, the savings made through generating your own solar energy will only grow. Moneysavingexpert.com have recently studied this and believe you could save up to £514 per year on your energy bills. Additionally, if you generate a surplus of energy, you can even make money by selling the surplus back to the grid – estimated to be around £80-£110 per year. Our latest blog details exactly how solar panels can help during the cost-of-living crisis.
  3. The maintenance costs are low
    Solar panels don’t have any moving parts and are extremely durable, so they shouldn’t require any maintenance. They are even designed to self-clean in the rain. Our dedicated FAQ page provides guidance on solar maintenance for more information.
  4. Having solar panels reduces load on the national grid
    The more sources of solar energy the grid has, the stronger our resilience to blackouts or issues caused by overload, natural disasters, or human-caused disasters becomes.
  5. It creates jobs throughout the supply chain
    The renewables industry is growing, allowing the job market in the sector to increase alongside it. With climate change and the current economic concerns, more people are looking towards sustainable careers in the renewables industry. A new study conducted by Cambridge Economics found that green home upgrades could boost the UK economy by £7bn a year. The solar industry job market in particular is thriving, with the British Energy Security Strategy predicting that if the solar sector does grow fivefold, the solar industry alone could support 60,000 jobs by 2035.
  6. Solar suffers less energy loss than traditional energy options
    When energy travels through power lines, some of the energy can be lost due to the line’s resistance. However, solar energy can help to reduce this loss, as it has less distance to travel if the panels are on your roof.
  7. Investing in solar supports future tech developments
    By helping this industry, not only are you supporting the future of renewable energy, but you also help to fund future tech development and research into other innovative energy solutions.
  8. Installing solar panels can potentially increase the value of your house
    Solar panels are an attractive feature of a property, given the benefits they provide. Improved technology in the sector also means their design can be discreet and maintain the aesthetics of a home. In fact, research suggests that having solar panels on your roof could increase your house value by as much as 4.1%.

While gas remains the primary source of energy for most households in the UK, there is huge potential for solar power to dominate the energy industry, given just some of the benefits listed above. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for solar.

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