Battery storage and EV chargers

At Eco2Solar, we install other renewable technologies to residential new build homes, including EV chargers and battery storage. 

With the changes in planning and building regulations coming down the line – as well as changes in consumer behaviour which will increase demand for sustainable technologies – we expect battery storage and EV chargers to become commonly installed as standard on new build homes.

Our qualified installers have years of experience in installing battery storage and EV chargers.

What is battery storage?

Battery storage, or battery energy storage systems (BESS), allow people to store energy from renewable sources like solar and release the energy when its needed most.

Solar panels generate energy throughout the day which may not be used in the home. Adding a battery lets you store all the extra electricity and use it when you want to, such as at night or on a day when the sun isn’t shining.

Using battery storage makes homes more environmentally friendly, as they run on low-carbon electricity, and they will import less electricity from the grid which saves the homeowner money on energy bills.

GivEnergy battery storage

At Eco2Solar, we install GivEnergy batteries with a storage capacity from 2.6-8.2kWh per battery, as well as other battery brands such as Tesla Powerwall. They are perfect for new build housing as we can design and install a hybrid inverter, rather than two inverters, which reduces cost and saves space in the new home.

The 2.6kWh batteries can be installed in the loft and fit through standard loft hatches, whereas the larger batteries are normally fitted in the garage or downstairs utility. Both are rated to be installed outside and take around one to two days to install, including the inverter.

Adding solar and storage to a new build will offer greater returns when building to meet energy efficiency standards and will make any new home seem more attractive to the buyer. Our team are experienced in installing both, so we can offer quality solutions if you want to install solar PV and battery storage at your new build development.

Electric vehicle charging

From 2022, all new homes built in England will be required to have electric vehicle (EV) charging points installed. This is to make the switch to electric vehicles smoother, as new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030.

At Eco2Solar, we install domestic SMART chargers for new build residential housing. As part of our solar PV installation service, we offer EV charger installation, so we can do both solar and EV installation in one. This provides cost-savings and allows us to offer competitive rates to new build housing developers. We do not offer EV charger installation unless we are providing solar PV to the site too.

To be compliant, the chargers need to be SMART chargers (connectivity) with charging capability of 7.2kW and not just external plugs fitted on the outside of a garage.

We currently do not offer EV charger installation to commercial properties, but this will be a capability in the future.
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