St Modwen Homes

Heathy Wood


Heathy Wood
Installation type
In-roof 270w black panels, 2.6kWh GivEnergy Battery and iBoost
Number of properties
Number of panels
28 panels
Special requirements
Battery Storage and iBoost

The Challenge

As part of a trial to deliver some of the most energy efficient homes in the world, St Modwen Homes tasked us with installing renewable energy technologies at their new housing development, Heathy Wood in Copthorne. The three-bedroom homes are designed to produce more energy than they consume and could reduce a family’s total energy bills by 52% when compared with a standard new build house and around 79% compared with the average UK home. The housing developer wanted us to install renewable energy solutions to help create low-carbon homes, while keeping the aesthetic of the homes smart.

With energy prices continuing to rise, creating energy-efficient homes that are affordable to build is more vital now than it ever has been

- Dave Smith, Managing Director
We installed


in total

The Solution

Our expert solar installers fitted each plot with fourteen black solar PV panels, making sure the aesthetics of the homes were kept intact and the solar panels blended into the black roof impeccably. Alongside the solar panels, we also installed each plot with a GivEnergy hybrid inverter with battery storage and a Solar iBoost for the Mixergy solar tank. This combination of renewable technologies can help to reduce energy bills by up to 79% and make the homes carbon negative.

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