What we do

Leading the future of sustainable homes

Leading the future of sustainable homes 

We’re experts in solar PV installation on new build residential homes for housing developers in the UK.  
Our team design, install and maintain solar PV panels for housing developers of all sizes, helping them to meet sustainability targets and save costs.

As an award-winning solar PV installation company, we have the knowledge and experience to install quality solar PV systems tailored to our clients’ requirements. Our solar installations help build towards a sustainable future, as homes powered by renewable energy emit lower levels of CO2.

When a housing developer or contractor chooses Eco2Solar, they are guaranteed:

Free CAD drawings

We employ our own inhouse CAD designers who produce site, building and plot drawings provided to our customers free of charge.

Design service

Our team will provide drawings for a whole site and each plot, while saving the customer money on the systems we install by value engineering.

Value engineering

Designs are often based on outdated information from consultants or planners. 

This can result in a requirement to install a certain amount of solar PV which isn't necessary. 

When we look deeper into the measurements, we often find we can reduce the size of the solar PV system while still meeting the requirements, saving housing developers money and time.
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