Will solar on new builds become standard?


Brexit may have delayed the release of new building regulations, but our construction future is only heading in one direction; renewable electricity and smart technologies.


The solar future

Solar on new builds isn’t yet standard in England and Wales as it is in Scotland, so it’s understandable that renewable energies haven’t traditionally been too high on housebuilders’ lists.

However, this could rapidly change when the long-awaited consultation for the next set of building regulations for 2020 takes place.

New legislation

The government are in talks as we speak to plan a stepping stone to the Future Homes Standard in 2025, which is likely to result in a lot more solar panels on new homes in England and Wales.

Like any other construction product, standards need to be defined by the government to keep everyone accountable throughout the solar supply chain.

Customers demand sustainability

Most of the major housebuilders and many of the more progressive smaller-scale developers know that ultimately, they’re answerable to their customers, and that the customers of tomorrow want sustainable homes with lower energy bills.

So to us, it isn’t a case of whether solar will become standard – it’s a case of when.
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