What features do buyers expect from a New Build?



In the last of our series on what today’s homebuyers want, we looked at the features people would
expect to see as standard in any New Build property.

Environmental features rated very highly in the responses, with 27% rating thermostats or smart
plugs as most important, followed by double glazing or insulation (23%).

Many of these features are now standard in New Build homes, but there’s still a long way to go for
them to become more sustainable.

A further 17% of those surveyed said an electric vehicle charging point would be important, while
15% said solar panels were the most important feature.

An EV point would certainly be an advantage, particularly with the impending ban on new petrol and
diesel cars, but solar panels that could generate free electricity and lower energy bills would make a
property even more attractive to buyers.

Finally, 15% listed a ground or air source heat pump as something they’d expect to see, with 7%
listing restricted flow taps and 5% listed energy saving appliances.

However, most respondents commented that they’d actually expect to see all of the above as
standard in a newly built property, and some suggested they would also like to see triple glazing, loft
insulation and rainwater collectors as standard features.

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