What can we achieve if we all live more sustainably?


When the UK government made their Climate Emergency declaration in May 2019, they were the first government to have ever done so.

The declaration formed part of their goal to reach a Net Zero target by 2050, meaning that none of our energy must come from fossil fuels. No dirty power stations, no endless cables; just clean, green, locally produced energy from renewable sources.

As we move towards this target, the onus will be on the government to legislate and regulate in a sensible and progressive manner; and if we do make strides towards our Net Zero target, we’ll be leading the world in sustainable energy production.

That goal, coupled with the groundswell of public opinion led by David Attenborough, Extinction Rebellion and even youth-level campaigners like Greta Thunberg, is already beginning to create a paradigm shift in previously outdated approaches like the overuse of fossil fuels and plastics.

So while we wait for energy providers to build competitive models, for the government to legislate and regulate the market, and for housebuilders to construct the kind of homes that move us towards our Net Zero target, what can we do ourselves, right now?

We can explore that future for ourselves. We can make sure we’re recycling all our materials. We can avoid or re-use plastics.

We can explore greener modes of transport, whether it’s a hybrid or electric car, or cycling to work.

And we, as individuals, can switch to solar and begin to make real strides towards producing our own energy and building a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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