The most desirable property features right now



In this month’s series, we’ve explored how the pandemic is influencing what people want from a home. Today, we look at the property features homeowners value the most.

In our poll of over 25,000 Brits, we found that space is the now the most in-demand feature, with 43% of respondents seeking more indoor space in general and 16% wanting a home office.

But it’s not just indoor space we’re looking for – 22% of us are dreaming of a bigger garden and 19% wish they had more parking space. Many of us have certainly been getting more green-fingered throughout the pandemic, not only to improve our living space but for our mental wellbeing as well.

In terms of extra features, almost 70% of participants rated ‘reliable broadband’ as being essential to them; a reflection on the growing number of people continuing to work from home.

We also asked people how strongly they felt about environmental and sustainability credentials, and were pleasantly surprised that a resounding 58% said this was important to them, with just 42% saying eco features were not a critical factor.

It’s very encouraging that demand is increasing for eco features that will allow people to live more sustainably, and since we already saw the positive impact of lockdown on our environment, this is a trend that’s most certainly going to continue.

Tune in to next week’s blog to discover what today’s buyers expect to see as standard in a New Build property.

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