The importance of choosing an experienced solar specialist


Housebuilders and developers may sometimes be tempted to allocate the complex task of solar installation to an existing contractor, like a roofer or electrician.

While this might seem like a potential cost-cutting measure at first, it usually ends up being more expensive in the long term.

Make sure your solar installation is a success

There are so many critical elements to a successful solar installation – especially when it comes to snags, issues, high-voltage electrical connections, safety certifications and complex installations like flat-roof projects that require specialist fastening and low-ballast systems.

That’s why relying on a roofer or electrician who’s done the occasional solar project can bring unnecessary risks and delays.

Choosing a solar supplier

Make sure your chosen solar supplier not only has extensive installation experience but is fully competent in complex installations and connections too.

They’ll need to be able to wire the panels from an AC and DC perspective, and be experienced in liaising with the relevant District Network Operator to ensure relevant permissions are given; all in time for your buyers to move in.

We’re sharing lots of advice this Autumn about what to expect from your solar panel specialist; check out our CEO’s latest blog posts for more.

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