Simplifying solar


Domestic and international demand for solar is growing. In 2017, the International Energy Agency announced that solar power was the fastest-growing source of new energy worldwide, outstripping the growth in all other forms of power generation for the first time and leading experts to hail a “new era”. From a national perspective, the Solar Trade Association reports a growing demand from homeowners. There are now more than a million homes in the UK with solar (4% of all homes), most of which have chosen to install solar as a retrofit.

Homeowners are increasingly looking for solar solutions so that they can benefit from the financial and environmental gains afforded by the technology. This coupled with energy requirements from Building Regulations and Local Authority planning conditions to meet on-site energy, means solar is increasingly becoming the standard for new build homes across the UK, and this looks set to continue.

Since Eco2Solar began, we have constantly developed and adapted how we work with housebuilders, to offer them straight-forward install solutions. Installation is now fast and easy to integrate with other trades. The finished product looks neat, unobtrusive, and is integrated into the roof itself. We have an experienced team of installers who come in and work with housebuilders to ensure the solar install process is as hassle-free as possible. Recent feedback from our customers indicates that housebuilders are starting to consider solar as an integral element of the construction process, and the historic frustration at incorporating the technology in new builds is waning. Housebuilders know that solar is here to stay and are looking to work with high-quality, proven suppliers to deliver results that benefit local authorities, housebuilders and homeowners alike.


Paul Hutchens, Director, Eco2Solar

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