Innovating with housebuilders


We are continuously responding to the changing needs of housebuilders and are always looking at how we can improve our solutions. One new solution on offer is our Eco2Offgrid system. This is a hybrid power solution that works as a giant onsite battery on the construction site. Housebuilders can install stand-alone PV solar energy generators on-site that provide power to builders on the construction site for the duration of the build phase, reducing the need for diesel-powered generation. Once the development is complete, the temporary solar site is removed. This new system is quick to install, and we anticipate that it could produce fuel savings of up to £40k p.a. for housebuilders. Plus, there are numerous other benefits for housebuilders, including improving air quality, lowering emissions from the construction site, and significantly reducing noise vibrations compared to the use of traditional generators. All of which are likely to seen favourably by local governments and local communities.

We are working with developers on some of the country’s most exciting residential developments. We have recently agreed a contract with Legal & General Homes, who are constructing their first site ‘Bucklers Park’ in Crowthorne, Berkshire. When complete, it will provide 1,000 new homes, 100 of which will be affordable housing. Sustainability is at the heart of the development, and Eco2Solar has been selected above competition to install the PV solar technology to the new houses. We anticipate that between 25 – 50% of the buildings will have PV solar installed, which represents one of the largest solar PV residential installations in the UK to date.

This is another move towards making solar standard, and we can’t wait to get started.

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