How today’s homeowners are caring for the environment


As we all become more conscious of saving energy and minimising waste, today’s consumers are more focussed than ever on playing their part in caring for the environment.

Our recent study into consumer attitudes and actions around climate change revealed encouraging statistics around the everyday actions most of us now incorporate into our lifestyles, like recycling plastics, saving energy at home, reducing food waste, eating less meat and exploring ways to be more fuel-efficient.

75% of respondents now recycle waste products like plastic, while 68% save energy at home by turning lights off, turning heating down and insulating their homes. A further 63% are reducing their food waste, while 57% walk or cycle short distances wherever possible.

31% added that they are now reducing their meat consumption, and 27% of respondents say they drive more efficiently, or use a fuel-efficient hybrid or electric car.

Beyond these percentages is an enormously positive trend in how people’s behaviours are changing – we’re all starting to build sustainability into our lifestyles, which is key.

Interestingly, as with worry levels around climate change, age-related demographics are a strong influencing factor in which actions people are most likely to take. The 35-44 age group are most likely to walk or cycle short distances, for example, while 43% of 18-24 year olds are reducing their meat consumption compared with just 24% of over 55s.

However, 70% of over 55s are more diligent about saving energy at home, compared with 58% of 18-24 year olds, and are also more focussed on reducing food waste (71%), compared with 55% of 18-24 year olds.

Keep checking back on our blog for more insights on climate change attitudes and opinions, or download the full research paper here.

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