Has the pandemic made Brits want to move house?


The pandemic has changed our mindset around so many parts of our everyday lives. We’re working from home more, travelling less and taking more care of our health than ever before.

One of the areas most significantly influenced by COVID has been our homes. Spending so much time at home has led to many of us seeking ways to improve our space and make it feel more safe, more secure and more pleasant to live in.

Curious to explore what today’s homeowners want from a property, we launched on a series of online polls which quizzed over 25,000 Brits on the things that are most important to them in a home.

In the first part of our poll, we asked participants whether the pandemic has influenced their desire to move house.

While just over half (57%) of participants said they were happy in their current home, the remaining participants said the pandemic has motivated them to either make big changes to their existing property (21%) or to move somewhere new entirely (22%).

The number of people wanting to change their home or relocate reflects the growing emphasis we’ve seen since the first lockdown on whether people’s homes are geared up to support their lifestyles and the new need for greater isolation, security and sustainability.

So what do people really want from their home at the moment, and where would they like to live? Tune in to next week’s blog to find out.

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