Eco2Solar and fire safety


Safety and security are of utmost importance to Eco2Solar, and our solar installation systems meet the highest possible fire safety standards.

The systems that Eco2Solar install have achieved the highest certification in the UK and Ireland for fire testing and fire safety standards. Our kit achieves the highest standard Broof certification T4 – all other Broof certifications (Broof (T1 – T3)) are designed based on fire safety standards within other European countries.

The Fire Safety certification demonstrates that when presented with an external fire during testing:

  • the system allowed no penetration of roof system within 60 minutes;
  • the specimens burn for less than 5 minutes after withdrawal of the test flame and;
  • the flame spread less than 0.38m – effectively stopping the spread of fire.

We have the highest confidence in the fire safety of our systems, and we provide house builders with all relevant certification once the installation is complete. Construction managers can be assured that necessary Building Standards Agency regulations are met.

In addition to this, Eco2Solar also offers solar systems with built in fire prevention and fire detection features. For example, our Solar Edge inverters can detect any anomalies or overheating within the system and will automatically shut down if these occur.

Paul Hutchens CEO of Eco2Solar comments; “Fire Safety is a key concern within the construction industry, and all systems we install have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are as safe and secure as possible. We have confidence in all our systems and will continue to ensure optimum safety is assured in all products and installations.”

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