E.ON completes deal to acquire stake in Eco2Solar


We have today announced the completion of an agreement that will see UK energy supplier E.ON purchase a 49% share in Eco2Solar.

Commenting on the completion of the deal, CEO Paul Hutchens, said: “Eco2Solar is really pleased to have E.ON on board. Together we will be much stronger, and E.ON’s international presence and breadth of solutions will enable us to accelerate our vision to make solar standard on all new buildings, as well as creating homes and communities as energy hubs.

“Eco2Solar will continue to operate independently and our focus remains the same: to install solar PV, battery storage and other smart electrical technologies for the new build housing market across the UK.”

Michael Lewis, Chief Executive of E.ON UK, added: “The UK needs to push on at speed if we are to meet our ambitious zero carbon targets. The houses we live in now and the ones we will build for the future will be key to achieving those goals.

“Eco2Solar have proved themselves to be well equipped to support developers in their sustainability needs and they are a great fit with what we are trying to achieve for our millions of customers across E.ON; making energy smart, personalised and sustainable in their homes, businesses and across entire communities.”

E.ON has already argued that for the UK to successfully transition to a net zero future, radical changes are needed, both to improve millions of existing homes across the country and also by ratcheting up building standards for new properties. The residential sector is the second highest carbon emitter and improving energy efficiency in homes will help move towards a cleaner future and help people to enjoy lower energy bills.

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