Solar savings

Saving your pocket, and the planet


At Eco2Solar we strongly believe that our solar energy solutions offer a viable, cost-effective way to limit the effects of climate charge and save the planet for all our future generations

By using all of our experience, expertise and the latest solar technology we aim to make solar energy good news for your pocket, and good news for the planet.


Fuel bills of only £0 per quarter?

Our solar energy systems are designed to save customers money by maximising energy generation, and minimising heat loss.

Some customers have even reported fuel bills of £0 per quarter

Is solar energy really free?

It certainly is. Solar energy is your own free, renewable and sustainable source of power. So once you’ve fitted your solar energy system, you’re no longer at the mercy of price rises by big energy corporations.

30 years-plus life span

Our low maintenance solar energy systems have life spans of 30 years plus- and to make sure you get the best possible experience, we only let our own experts install them.

How our solar energy solutions financially benefit households, communities and businesses

While each solar heating and solar PV project varies according to the circumstances of the individual house, community or business, there are some great benefits for all Eco2Solar customers.

You can:

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  • Reduce and offset carbon emissions by up to 1 tonne per annum, equivalent to a 3500 mile flight or 3000 miles in a car (Source; The National Energy Foundation)
  • Generate up to 70% of your hot water – free!
  • Receive premium rates for your electricity generation from the Feed-in-Tariff
  • Virtually eliminate maintenance costs with our cutting-edge technology, with a lifespan of over 30 years
  • Solar Thermal evacuated tubes can be installed to the side of a wall.
  • Increase the value of your house
  • Reduce the impact of fuel price increases
  • Generate power you can sell back to the grid
  • Costs less than you think and has the cache of being green!


If you are a developer/architect, our solar energy solutions let you:
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  • Build attractive eco homes for quick sales at maximum prices
  • Generate great opportunities to create exemplar projects
  • Easily satisfy new building regulations for 10% energy from renewable sources


Here’s how our energy solutions help businesses:

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  • Lower fuel costs mean higher profits
  • Earn a profit from the Feed-in-Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Going green is good for business, providing excellent PR and marketing opportunities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – green is good for business
  • Protection against future fuel price increases


How our cost-effective solar energy solutions help communities:

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  • They’re a major contribution to meeting your sustainability and energy efficiency targets
  • Customers get an invaluable educational resource on tap
  • We help address fuel poverty- a critical issue to all our communities


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