My solar PV system isn’t working

How do I know if my system is working?

There will be a generation meter installed, usually near your fuse board, which measures every unit (kWh) of electricity your solar PV system produces.

The figure on the display is cumulative, showing the total since installation, so you should see the reading gradually increase.

If you want to monitor how your system is performing, you will need to keep a record of the generation readings at regular intervals, perhaps weekly. You can then compare this figure to the Annual Estimated Generation figure on your MCS Certificate.

Bear in mind the system will perform better in summer than in winter but if you think your generation has decreased or stopped then contact Eco2Solar.

Access our troubleshooting guide here

What happens in a power-cut?

If mains power is lost, your inverter will detect this and shut down immediately.

This is a necessary safety function to protect people who may be working on the mains electrical network, so during a power cut you won’t be able to use any solar generated electricity.

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