Guidance on solar panel maintenance

What maintenance do solar PV systems require?

There are no moving parts to a solar PV system, so they don’t require any maintenance or servicing other than an occasional clean, however, for peace of mind you may wish to consider an extended warranty option with us. Keep an eye on nearby trees in case they start to shade the solar panels. If you think there may be a problem please contact Eco2Solar.

Do solar panels need cleaning?

Generally solar panel arrays in the UK will not need heavy duty cleaning as they are designed to self-clean  in the rain. However, depending on location, they may suffer from a high build-up of dirt,  leaves, bird droppings or salt water if near the coast, so cleaning the modules on a regular basis  may be required, depending on the amount of soiling. The obvious danger is working at heights, so we would recommend you hire a professional – window cleaners often offer this service.  No abrasive chemicals should be used – warm soapy water is fine.

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