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Adele Francis

Site Demand Planner

Adele is the team leader for our scheduling team covering the UK. The scheduling department is a dynamic team with changes made by customers on an hourly basis, Adele works with her colleagues, site teams and installation technicians to manage site schedules across the UK.

We spoke to our Site Demand Planner, Adele, about her career so far with Eco2Solar.

I’ve worked for Eco2Solar since 2020 organising the teams’ daily jobs, scheduling call off requests from sites, invoicing and more. The role appealed to me as Eco2Solar is a growing company and will only get bigger and better.

I enjoy working for a local company in a fast-paced environment where I’m always meeting new people and building relationships with site managers.

The team here is really friendly and great fun to work with, and management are very supportive. Before I joined Eco2Solar, I didn’t realise how big the contracts are and how much of the country they cover – the company is one of the largest residential solar PV installation companies in the UK and are still growing.

It’s an exciting time to be in the solar industry, especially at Eco2Solar.

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