20kWp Solar PV: Camperdown Farm, Warwickshire

Solar Energy Warwickshire

In November 2013 Eco2Solar installed a 20kWp solar PV system at Camperdown dairy farm, Warwickshire. The renewable energy system, is expected to contribute 18,460 kWh of energy to the electrical requirements of the farm annually. This solar energy contribution will provide an annual Feed in Tariff payment of £2,320, whilst…

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49.91kWp Solar PV: Worcestershire County Council, Wildwood Building

Worcestershire County Council Solar Energy

In October 2013, Eco2Solar installed a 49.91kWp solar PV system on Worcestershire County Council’s brand new Wildwood development, next to County Hall in Worcester. The installation is just one of the on-going projects which Eco2Solar is delighted to be working on with the county council in 2013. The solar array…

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21.75kWp Solar PV: Speller Metcalfe Head Office, Malvern

Solar Power With Speller Metcalfe

In October 2013 Eco2Solar installed a 21.75kWp solar PV system on the Head Offices of Speller Metcalfe in Malvern. Having already completed several projects with Speller Mercalfe, Eco2Solar were chosen to complete the esteemed installation based upon our past workmanship and customer service. The solar array at the offices comprises…

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30.75kWp Solar PV: Western Power Distribution, Spilsby

Solar Energy Western Power

Speller Metcalfe chose to work with Eco2Solar to achieve BREEAM outstanding on their Western Power Distribution development in Lincolnshire. Speller Metcalfe’s client, Western Power Distribution (WPD), was keen to meet the coveted BREEAM outstanding rating with their new site development in Lincolnshire. To achieve BREEAM the client chose to install…

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18.4kWp Solar PV System: Festival HQ, Malvern

Solar Power Malvern

In June 2013 Eco2Solar installed an 18.4kWp solar PV system on the Festival HQ building in Malvern; as part of Festival Housing’s £1,000,000 investment in green energy over just three years. Having already completed over 100 tenant properties and an 80kWp solar system at their Herefordshire care home, Eco2Solar were…

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3.84kWp Solar PV System: Leigh and Bransford Primary School, Worcestershire

In February 2012 Eco2Solar installed a 3.84kWp solar PV system on the front roof pitch of Leigh and Bransford Primary School, Worcestershire. The solar PV system includes sixteen REC 240W watt panels, alongside one SMA Sunnyboy 3000HF inverter and is expected to produce 3,044kWh of renewable energy for the school…

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4kWp Solar PV System: Baptist Missionary Service, Birmingham

In August 2012, Eco2Solar installed a 4kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the Baptist Missionary Service’s (BMS) Birmingham international missionary centre. Eco2Solar were contacted by BMS to provide a quotation, due to previous work which we have completed for them in London. The solar PV system, which was installed, includes…

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9.75kWp Solar PV System: Dale Street Methodist Church, Leamington Spa

In January 2012, Eco2Solar completed this impressive 9.75kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system on Dale Street Methodist Church in Leamington Spa. Eco2Solar were first contacted by the church, when they were researching solar PV; as one congregation member had a system which was installed by us and they were also aware…

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Eco2Solar’s Solar Panels Help Warwick Hospital to Cut Energy Costs

Warwick Hospital is set to make further savings in its energy costs, thanks to a 50-kilowatt solar energy system financed by local energy co-operative Community Energy Warwickshire and installed by Eco2Solar. Warwick is the second hospital to benefit from solar energy through an innovative partnership between Community Energy Warwickshire and…

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