Congratulations on moving into your new home.

You are probably wondering why your Solar PV switch has a padlock through it? 

The answer is that we are simply waiting to hear back from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to give us approval to connect the PV system to the grid. The DNO, of which there are 14 of in the UK, owns and operates the power lines and infrastructure that connect the supply network to your property. They will assess the information provided by Eco2solar in our application to connect to ensure there is capacity for safe and effective operation of the electricity network. 

There is no need to contact us. As soon as we have approval to connect from the DNO, we will post your key or code to you. Once you receive the key or code then just remove the padlock and turn on the PV system using the isolator switch. Remember that the Solar PV system has been fully installed, tested and commissioned by our professional engineers prior to being locked off.

In the event that the DNO declines our application to connect, it may be necessary to install an export power management device to limit the electricity from the PV system flowing to the grid. This is not uncommon.  Any generated electricity from your solar PV system will automatically be used when electricity is demanded within your property.

LEGAL NOTICE: Please note that forced or unauthorised removal of the Solar PV padlock may lead to a DNO prosecution in court.
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