VW Showroom Chiswick


VW Showroom Chiswick
Installation type
Solar PV and solar thermal
Number of panels
190 panels
Special requirements
Overcoming limited roof space

The Challenge

The consultants were faced with the challenge of achieving a high efficiency output system for the new building, with a large PV array needed but with the ability to store and stock cars on the flat roof.

successfully delivered the project on time and on budget.

We installed


in total

The Solution

Having already installed PV arrays for Audi, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Nissan and KIA across the country, the consultants called upon Eco2Solar’s wealth of experience and a “floating” PV array was designed to fix to a bespoke frame that would sit above the cars on the flat roof.
Eco2Solar helped design the solar systems and canopy over an 18 month period, working closely with the consultants to help achieve the targets set for the new development.

Eco2Solar were instructed to install over 190 PV panels and a large solar thermal array to a flagship VW showroom in West London.

The new showroom is the largest in Europe and visible from the M4 entering London, with the PV panels installed to a bespoke steel canopy frame that floats over the cars, offering protection from the elements and generating electricity for the showroom.

The solar thermal array will also provide a large proportion of the hot water demand to the offices and washrooms.

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