Monthly Archives: May 2020

Increasing the use of solar energy in homes

Our latest research into public actions around climate change explored current adoption levels and general perception about solar technology. 16% of respondents said had solar PV installed on their homes, which may sound low but still represents well over a million homes; a significant improvement on the tens of thousands…

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The role of housebuilders and councils in using renewables

Following on from our latest blog post, which explored the fact that more than half of respondents in our recent survey felt the government should take more responsibility for adopting renewables, we’re also looking at the role of housebuilders and local councils. Housebuilders and developers certainly have a role to…

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Is the government doing enough to make renewables accessible?

Our recent survey of public attitudes and opinions on climate change uncovered some interesting trends and perceptions on who should take the most responsibility for making renewables more accessible to homeowners. More than half of respondents (63%) believe that the ultimate responsibility lies chiefly with the UK government. Only 28%…

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