Why renewable energy?

Solar Panels for the Environment

As has been evident in the media recently, fossil fuel supplies are becoming scarce and more expensive.

As our North Sea oil and gas dwindles, more often our essential fuel supplies are in the hands of others.

More of a concern is that much of our energy is now controlled by countries with which the UK is not on the best of terms (Russia and the Middle East for example).

It has been estimated that by 2015 Britain’s power generating capacity could be cut by a third as ageing coal and nuclear power stations are closed.

Before too long there will be a “price shock” which will make everyone who uses energy in the UK sit up and think. Just look at the recent rises in oil prices!

Only one thing seems certain; prices will rise……….

… After 570,000,000 years in the making

Oil: cradle to grave in 200 years