What is solar energy?

Renewable energy for future generations

It needn’t be hot or sunny for Eco2Solar’s solar energy solutions to be effective. So why give all your money to big energy companies, when you could be getting your energy for free?

Solar energy, solar power or solar radiation is your own sustainable energy source and an excellent alternative to fossil fuels. Solar energy can be used to produce your own electric power or heating.

So how do I make the most of solar energy?

That’s where we come in. We supply both types of solar panel – those that produce electricity, and those that create hot water.

But what happens when it isn’t sunny?

No problems. Eco2Solar’s solar energy doesn’t need sunshine or direct sunlight to work. It works well even on cloudy days. If you can see there is solar radiation, and the  PV system will provide solar power

Did you know?

  • Eco2Solar’s solar panels even work when it is frosty or in minus temperatures
  • Eco2Solar’s solar energy is more effective in the UK than in many hotter countries because our atmosphere is less polluted
  • On sunny days, the UK experiences solar energy levels equal to 60% of those at the equator
  • Enough solar energy is absorbed by the earth every 30 minutes to power the entire planet for a year. How long could you power your building with that much energy?

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