Will solar panels power my whole house?

No, they are unlikely to produce enough to meet your home’s entire electricity requirements (and certainly not at night) but they will contribute. Unless you purchase battery storage for the system, the electricity must be used as soon as it’s generated or it will be lost.

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What happens to solar electricity not used in the house?

Any solar generated electricity which is not used in the home immediately will usually feed back to the grid (export). Sometimes the grid operator advises us that it can’t cope with exported power from solar PV systems in the area and they enforce export limitation. This means we would program…

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How do I use the solar electricity?

If there is a demand for electricity in the home (i.e. an appliance is switched on) the inverter makes sure that the solar electricity is used first (if it is available). If there is not enough solar electricity then more is drawn from the grid to top it up. This…

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What is Solar PV and how does it work?

PV stands for ‘Photovoltaics’ and means converting light into electricity (as opposed to Solar Thermal which is heating water). The solar panels generate DC electricity from sunlight which is fed through an inverter to convert it into AC electricity. The inverter is connected to your consumer unit (fuse board) so…

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