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Zowie Moulden

Regional Sales Manager

Zowie joined the team in 2017 and absolutely loves her two dogs who she rescued after seeing them on a holiday abroad!

We spoke to our Sales Manager, Zowie Moulden, to find out more about her journey at Eco2Solar and what she loves most about working with us.

I’ve worked at Eco2Solar since September 2017. I had an interview with CEO Paul the following week after I was made redundant – it was great timing. I joined as Sales Support Manager and was assisting the sales managers in putting their quotes together.

In January 2018, I was given the opportunity of a promotion to Regional Sales Manager looking after the Midlands and South West developers, which I grabbed and have been in that role since.

I’m lucky that I have variation in my role. Some days I can be out on site or in branch meetings, and other days I’m in the office with everyone. I still, after over four years, don’t get that Monday morning bad feeling. Also, another thing I love is that our opinion counts. We can make suggestions and we’re listened to and heard. If it’s something that can be implemented, it will be.

There is a positive vibe here. Everyone wants to improve and we’re always looking for innovative ways to work smarter. Teamwork is important to us, and we’re focused on peoples’ values, not just skills.

I’ve developed a range of skills since working at Eco2Solar, including sales and negotiating, presenting to people and forming relationships. I swore I never would be able to present CPDs to our customers, but within two months of joining, I did my first presentation with the support of my team – it was a proud moment considering how nervous I was!

We’re growing fast and what I know about Eco2Solar is that the people matter. We’re not just focusing on the skills people have as a lot of them can be taught. If you have drive and ambition, it’s a great company to be in, especially considering the growth we’re going through now and over the next few years. It’s a really exciting place to be.

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