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John Conway

Operations Director

John is responsible for the delivery of Eco2Solar’s renewable energy products to the UK’s new build market. He oversees health and safety, quality, compliance and scheduling within the business.

John tells us about his experience of working at Eco2Solar so far.

I started my career at Eco2Solar as Regional Sales Manager, where I was based in Scotland. In August 2021 I was promoted to Operations Director for the UK. It was an absolute honour to be considered for this role. I knew it would be the biggest challenge of my career to date, but I knew I would give it my all.

I’m accountable to the Board and Executive team but I have a great team who are highly skilled, organised, professional and they care about the business which helps me do my job.

Every day we do something positive to help climate change. Thoughts and ideas are listened to, considered and in many cases implemented. Flexibility, if I need time out for family or personal reasons, it is never a problem. I have worked for global companies and small companies, and I have never experienced a company that thinks about employees’ needs in the way that Eco2Solar does.

It’s a pleasure to wake up every weekday to work with the people that work and care about our clients and the company so much.

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