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Catherine Lendon-Montrose

Customer Service Manager

Cath is responsible for all sales team admin and office-based communication. She has a background in enterprise software; ideal as we have implemented an ERP system recently!

Catherine, our Customer Service Manager, tells us about her journey with Eco2Solar so far.

I was recruited as Sales Support Manager at Eco2Solar in November 2019. Through lockdown, as Eco2Solar finetuned resource in the business, I acquired the customer service function and evolved into the Customer Service Manager role, taking on increasingly more responsibility.

Within my team, I’ve split responsibilities into sales support and customer care so we can manage workload. I’ve had my finger in many pies since, co-ordinating the DNO application process for a period of time, to getting stuck into helping define and implement the ERP system. I’m also involved in helping spec the customer portal to try and make my team’s life easier. Ultimately, I’m always trying to find a better way to work for the whole business.

I love the team I work with - my crew and many others outside my team are ace and very supportive, we all look out for each other. It can be difficult to tell when you join a company what the culture is like, but the fact that senior directors are very involved in the recruitment process indicates that Eco2Solar care and take their people seriously. You are trusted to get on with the job and make the necessary decisions, but you are always supported when needed.

With my hands on role in the customer service team, I’ve developed technical skills to support troubleshooting with the systems we install. Customers always throw you challenges and that has honed my human skills, empathy, patience and resilience

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