Solar PV

5.8kWp Solar PV System: Bredon Hills Middle School, Worcestershire

Soalr Panels for Education

Eco2Solar installed this 5.8KWp solar PV system on the brand new development at Bredon Hills school in July 2013.The solar energy system comprises eighteen Sunpower E327 panels and  one Mastervolt 6500 inverter; which are expected to produce  5,333kWh of solar energy for the school each year. This energy contribution will…

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18.4kWp Solar PV System: Festival HQ, Malvern

Solar Power Malvern

In June 2013 Eco2Solar installed an 18.4kWp solar PV system on the Festival HQ building in Malvern; as part of Festival Housing’s £1,000,000 investment in green energy over just three years. Having already completed over 100 tenant properties and an 80kWp solar system at their Herefordshire care home, Eco2Solar were…

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4kWp Solar PV System: Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire

Solar Energy Shropshire

Eco2Solar installed this 4kWp solar PV system on the main and annex roof pitches of this Shropshire property, in March 2013. The solar system includes sixteen Suntech 250S-20/Wd 250 watt modules and one SMA Sunnyboy SB4000TL inverter; with an expected annual output of 3,434kWh per annum. This renewable energy production…

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3.5kWp Solar PV System: Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Solar Electricity West Midlands

In March 2013, Eco2Solar installed a 3.5kWp solar PV system on the rear roof pitch of this semi-detached Worcestershire property. The solar array comprises fourteen Suntech 250W panels and is supported by one Solar River 3300TL inverter. The solar array is estimated to produce 2,792kWh of energy for the property…

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3.84kWp Solar PV System: Leigh and Bransford Primary School, Worcestershire

In February 2012 Eco2Solar installed a 3.84kWp solar PV system on the front roof pitch of Leigh and Bransford Primary School, Worcestershire. The solar PV system includes sixteen REC 240W watt panels, alongside one SMA Sunnyboy 3000HF inverter and is expected to produce 3,044kWh of renewable energy for the school…

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4kWp Solar PV System: Baptist Missionary Service, Birmingham

In August 2012, Eco2Solar installed a 4kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the Baptist Missionary Service’s (BMS) Birmingham international missionary centre. Eco2Solar were contacted by BMS to provide a quotation, due to previous work which we have completed for them in London. The solar PV system, which was installed, includes…

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1.5kWp Solar PV System: Credenhill, Herefordshire

In April 2013, Eco2Solar installed a 1.5kWp solar energy system on the front roof pitch of this Herefordshire property. The array comprises six Conergy PH 250W solar panels, supported by one SMA Sunnyboy SB1700 inverter and is expected to produce 1,232kWh of energy each year. The renewable energy installation will…

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3.6kWp Solar PV System: The Wyche Innovation Centre, Malvern

In February 2012, Eco2Solar installed this 3.6kWp solar PV system on the side roof pitch of The Wyche Innovation Centre in Upper Colwall, Worcestershire. The array comprises fifteen REC240PE 240Watt modules, supported by an SMA Sunnyboy SB4000TL inverter and has an expected annual renewable energy contribution of 2,871kWh. This output…

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