15th May 2010

Solar Thermal Grants end

The ₤400 grant that was available to help with the installation costs of a solar thermal system has closed to all new applications as of the 15th May 2010. This is due to the success of the scheme launched under the Low Carbon Buildings programme. The money set aside for the grants came from a finite pot of money, which was expected to last until the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive in April 2011. However, the success of the scheme has resulted in the money running out much sooner than anticipated, therefore putting an end to the application process. The organizers behind the Renewable Heat Incentive have said that any installation conducted after July 2009 will be eligible for the payments, once the scheme comes into action in April 2011. The payments that are proposed from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme mean that there is a much higher earning potential, saving the customer much more money than before under the ₤400 grant scheme. This way of running things closely mirrors the highly successful and rapidly expanding Feed-in-Tariff scheme currently in place for Solar PV installations which generate electricity.

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