9th February 2012

2kWp Solar PV System: Ystern-Llewern, Monmouthshire

In December 2011, Eco2Solar installed this 2kWp solar PV system on the front roof pitch of this charming detached property, in the Monmouthshire countryside. The solar system includes eight Suntech STP250S – 20/Wd 250 watt panels, with one SMA Sunnyboy 2000HF inverter and is expected to produce 1,680kWh of solar energy each year. This energy output will reduce the property’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources and provide the homeowner with an annual tax-free income of £727 from the Feed in tariff scheme.

Following the installation, the customer commented; “I met Eco2Solar at the Monmouth show in 2011 and chose to gain a quotation from then, they provided me with a competitive quotation so I decided to go ahead. There were initially a few difficulties with the installation, but Eco2Solar have always been very pleasant and responsive when contacted; so I would recommend them”.