3rd January 2012

3kWp Solar PV System: Worcester

This solar PV system was installed by Eco2Solar in December 2011 on this beautiful detached property in Worcestershire. The 3kWp installation consists of twelve Suntech 250W STP250S – 20/Wd 250 watt panels and one SMA Sunnyboy 2500HF; to produce an estimated 2,530kWh of energy for the property annually. This renewable energy contribution will significantly reduce the fuel bills of the property; alongside providing the homeowner with £1,095 of tax-free income each year from the Feed in Tariff scheme.

The customer also commented on their recent solar PV installation: “I chose Eco2Solar based upon the competitive price which they provided me with and the quality of their presentation. Following our decision to go ahead, there were no problem with the installation arrangements and the installers were courteous, pleasant and efficient. We would recommend Eco2Solar to others”.