19th December 2012

2.4kWp Solar PV System: Worcester, West Midlands

In November 2012, Eco2Solar installed this 2.4kWp solar PV system on the front and rear roof pitches of this Worcestershire property. The solar system includes twelve Suntech 200W panels; one array of five on the rear roof pitch and one array of seven on the front roof pitch; supported by one Solar River 1600TL inverter and one Solar River 1100TL. The two arrays are expected to contribute 1,972kWh of electricity to the property each year and will provide the homeowner with £287 in tax-free annual income from the Feed in Tariff scheme.

Our customer, Mr John, commented on his experience with Eco2Solar; “I first heard of Eco2Solar and their renewable energy services in the Worcester News, I was already considering solar so invited them to quote. Their survey visit was excellent and informative; with the quote arriving the next day as promised. Eco2Solar’s installation was efficient, clean and tidy. There were no problems and their service was very professional, I would definitely recommend Eco2Solar.