18th January 2012

2kWp Solar PV System: Rugby, Warwickshire

In late November 2011, Eco2Solar installed this 2kWp solar PV system on this impressive detached property, in the Warwickshire countryside. The solar system includes eight Suntech STP250S – 20/Wd 250 watt panels and one SB2000HF; which is expected to produce 1,717 kWh of energy for the property annually. This output will provide a significant renewable energy contribution to the property and give the homeowner £743 in tax-free Feed in Tariff payments each year.

Following their solar PV installation, the customer noted “Eco2Solar were recommended to us by a friend and provided us with a competitive quotation. Our installation was slightly problematic due to the rush created by the Government’s changes; however we were really satisfied with the job that Eco2Solar did and would definitely recommend them to other people”.