6th October 2011

1.85kWp Solar PV System: Norton Lindsay, Warwickshire

Eco2Solar installed a solar PV system to this lovely semi-detached property in Norton lindsay, during September this year. The 1.85kWp system includes an SMA Sunnyboy 1700 inverter and 10 Sharp NU185 PV modules and is expected to produce 1,559kWh of energy annually. This will reduce the amount which the homeowner pays for their electricity usage, alongside providing £675 of tax-free income each year from the Feed in Tariff scheme.

The installation took place over two days and is expected to make a return of over 12%. The customer is very pleased with the system, noting “Eco2Solar were very professional and helpful throughout our enquiry and installation process, they maintained an approachable, personal manner and I would definitely recommend them to other potential customers”