8th February 2012

2.5kWp Solar PV System: Marlborough, Swindon

In December 2011, Eco2Solar installed this solar PV array on the rear of this Wiltshire property. The 2.5kWp solar system includes ten Suntech STP250S – 20/Wd 250 watt panels and one SMA Sunnyboy SB2500HF inverter. With an expected output of 1,708kWh per year, the solar energy will reduce the carbon footprint of the property and provide the homeowner with £739 in tax-free annual income from the Government-backed Feed in Tariff scheme.

The customer commented; “I found Eco2Solar when I was researching solar PV on the internet, I booked a survey with them and following their visit they provided me with the best price. The arrangements to book my installation were very good and the installation went well, although there were a few minor problems with my installation; Eco2Solar resolved these well and I would recommend them”.