8th March 2013

39.6kWp Solar PV System: Lodge Farm, Nuneaton

In early December 2011, Eco2Solar completed this 39.6kWp solar PV installation at this farm in Warwickshire. The system comprises one hundred and sixty five REC 240W solar PV panels and one SMA SunnyBoy 12000TL inverter. The system is expected to produce 34,153kWh of electricity for the farm each year which will entitle the property to £11,236 in tax-free income from the Feed in Tariff initiative, alongside contributing to the electricity required to power the farm.

The customer also commented on their installation; “We would like to say how pleased we are with Eco2solar. They fitted our panels very quickly and efficiently; their electrician has a good knowledge of Three phase electricity systems. We would also like to say a thank you to Mr. Adam Pearce and all the team at Eco2solar for their help with getting the installation finished on schedule and all the paper work sorted out”.