13th January 2012

1.41kWp Solar PV System: Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Following installation of the solar thermal at this property in 2008, Eco2Solar installed this 1.41kWp solar PV system in early December 2011. The system comprises six Sanyo HIT-N235W 235watt modules and one SMA Sunnyboy 1200 inverter; which is expected to contribute 1,210kWh of energy to the property each year. This energy production will result in a reduction in the non-renewable energy required at the property and £523 in annual tax-free income from the Government-backed Feed in Tariff scheme.

Following their second Eco2Solar installation, the customer commented; “We chose Eco2Solar based upon the solar thermal installation which they had already completed at our property and the informative survey visit. The installation went very well and we would recommend them to others”.