7th March 2012

2.16kWp Solar PV System: Bournheath, Bromsgrove

In February 2012, Eco2Solar installed this 2.16kWp solar PV array on the rear roof pitch of this charming Bournheath property. Incorporating nine REC 240 PE 240 watt solar PV modules and one SMA Sunnyboy SB2000HF inverter; the system is expected to produce 1,723kWh of solar energy annually. This renewable energy will provide the homeowner with £362 in tax-free income from the Feed in Tariff each year, alongside reducing the overall energy needs of the property.

Following the installation, the customer commented “We contacted Eco2Solar based upon their established reputation and no-pressure sales approach. Following the survey visit, we chose them as our installer as they provided us with a wealth of information. Their installation arrangements were very efficient, and were followed by a problem free installation. I would recommend them to others based on their cheerful and helpful approach”.