4th April 2012

Solar PV and the EPC, Everything You Need to Know…


As you may be aware, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has confirmed that from the 1st April 2012 every property wishing to install solar PV will be required to have an Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC, rating of ‘D’ or above in order to qualify for the maximum Feed in Tariff.  This requirement applies to any building using energy to heat or cool it connected to a solar PV installation, whether residential, commercial or otherwise.

To help you to understand how this might affect you Eco2Solar have put together a simple guide; so if you have decided that you are interested in solar PV, follow these easy steps:

1. Arrange a visit from an MCS certified company surveyor who will survey your property for solar PV and provide a quotation.

2. If you wish to proceed, contact Eco2Solar to arrange an EPC survey visit to assess your current energy rating. Eco2Solar will organise this free of charge for you should you proceed with a solar PV installation with them (for domestic properties).

3. If your EPC rating is Level ‘D’ or above ,Eco2Solar will send you the certificate after your solar PV installation so you can claim your full Feed in Tariff. If your rating is below level D please proceed to step 4.

4. Eco2Solar and the Energy Assessor will assess whether your EPC will reach level ‘D’ with your solar PV installation; if this is the case please proceed to step 6.

If it is not possible to reach level ‘D’ using solar PV alone, we will propose the most cost effective way to reach this using a range of measures such as; loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, solar thermal – or could be as simple as an insulation jacket for your hot water cylinder or a new thermostat.

5.Choose which energy measures you would like to use to reach level ‘D’.

6.Install your solar PV system and send your level ‘D’ EPC certificate with your Feed in Tariff form to reap the maximum environmental and financial rewards.

There are many EPC surveyors out there who will be able to assess your property’s energy status and suggest measures to reach the magic ‘D’ rating but, if you choose Eco2Solar as your installer, we will ascertain your energy rating using a competent assessor and provide your EPC certificate free of charge.

Let Eco2Solar help your property to be as energy efficient as possible and make you the maximum return; call us today on 01562 977 977 to find out how!