13th April 2012

3.92kWp Solar PV and Solar Thermal Systems: Yatton Keynell, Wiltshire

Eco2Solar installed this impressive renewable energy solution on this property in March 2012. The 3.92kWp solar system includes sixteen Kyocera 245Watt solar PV modules panels and one SMA Sunnyboy 4000TL inverter; which are expected to produce 2,863kWh of renewable energy for the property each year. This output will reduce the carbon footprint of the property and provide the homeowner with £601 in tax-free income annually from the Feed in Tariff initiative.

The solar thermal aspect of the system will also reduce the negative environmental impact of the house and comprises three Rayotec CPC6 INOX solar thermal collectors, connected to a twin-coil 200L vented cylinder; which will provide 50-70% of the hot water needs of the property throughout the year.

Our customer commented on their recent installation; “Eco2Solar were recommended to me and provided me with a very favourable quotation, their arrangements to book our installations were made quickly and the installation itself was very good. Based upon my experience, I would recommend them”.