29th April 2013

4kWp Solar PV System: Acocks Green, Birmingham

Solar electricity Birmingham

In April 2013, Eco2Solar installed 4kWp of solar PV panels on the front and side roof pitches, of this semi-detached West Midlands property. The front solar array comprises ten Conergy 250W panels, whilst the side solar array comprises a further six Conergy 250W panels. The entire renewable system is expected to contribute 3,242kWh of energy to the needs of the property each year, whilst providing the homeowner with £500 annually from the Government-backed Feed-in Tariff.

Our customer was delghited with their solar experience; “I can say that all your staff whom I had dealings with were polite at all times, they deserve your congratulations and do credit to your company. As a result of your work, I can say that I can recommend you to others who have an interested in solar panels and have already done so”.