What are Solar Panels

Solar panels are designed to generate electricity ( Solar Photovoltaic or PV).

Solar Panels are most commonly found on a pitched roof, but using our mounting systems they can also be fitted to a  flat roof, vertical wall, garage or out buildings and even ground mounted systems.

Eco2solar specialise in solar photovoltaic panels. With a huge choice of solar panels and associated equipment we have used our extensive experience to produce a high quality and cost effective range of equipment that we specify and install.

Solar Panels ( Solar Photovoltaic)

Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV panels generate electricity for use in the home or building and also to feed back into the Grid.

We install a range of products to suit individual requirements and use a range of panel sizes to suit the project design and customer requirements.


The Inverter is required to convert the low voltage DC electricity into the 240v AC electricity that is used in the home.We select the ideal inverter for each system to insure maximum efficiency subject to location, orientation and shading.

Mounting Solutions:

We use premium mounting systems for our roof and ground mounted systems. We use the mounting system most suited to the project to ensure that the customer gets the best possible installation. These systems can be fixed to the roof or held in place using weight or ballast. The high-tech solutions that we deploy are like a Formula 1 car rear wing and are designed to be sucked onto the roof under wind load – with only minimal ballast. Our structural engineer can certify that the system is safe and that the roof can withstand the load.

Monitoring Systems:

To allow you to monitor the energy produced and the efficiency and savings of the solar panels there is a large variety of monitoring systems.We are experienced at installing domestic level and large scale system monitoring systems, and even integrating information into existing computerised information displays.