Solar Panel Electricity

Solar Panels

Solar Panels Generate electricity from the power of the sun, helping to power your home and generate income. They also help to reduce green house gases and reduce atmospheric pollution. Modern solar panels are simple and efficient and need no maintenance once installed, and even generate electricity on cloudy days.

How Solar Panels Work

Eco2Solar can fit Solar panels to your roof or even on the ground, so that they face the sun for the maximum time each day. The photovoltaic solar panels convert the suns rays to DC electricity ( the kind of electricity you get from a battery). This electricity is fed into an inverter that converts it to AC electricity that is used in the home. This electricity is then either used in the home  or fed into the national grid. To find out more go to our solar panels page.

Solar Panels are a great Investment

Investing in solar panels make great financial sense in a number of ways. The Government backed feed in tariff (FIT) pays you for every unit of electricity that your system produces, If you use this electricity you then also save by not having to buy it from your energy supplier. Every unit not used is then fed back into the national grid and you get an additional payment for that as well.

You may have heard of reductions to the FIT rates or even that they have stopped, whilst it is true the rates have changed they have certainly not stopped. The new rates are lower but the cost of the panels has also reduced, meaning that you will still easily get returns on your investment of over 10% every year guaranteed for 20-25 years. If the rates change or are reduced later you stay on the higher rate that you joined the scheme on.

Environmental Benefits of Solar Panels

Modern life requires a large amount of energy, much of this supplied by fossil fuel burning or nuclear power stations.

Investing in your own solar panel system  increases the amount of renewable energy you are using and helps to bring down your carbon foot print, by reducing the carbon emissions by around 700grams for each unit of electricity. Solar energy is a great way to be environmentally  friendly and generate income.

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